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All auditions are held at Workshop Players Theatre-in-the-Round
44820 Middle Ridge Road, Amherst, OH 44001



It Runs in the Family
by Ray Cooney

Directed by Mason Adams
Jul 9- July 26, 2015
AUDITION DATES: Tuesday April 21st and Wednesday April 22nd at 7pm. Auditions will consist of readings from script. To receive a copy of readings please contact director Mason Adams at

This is a very fast paced, crazy comedy with one set. There are wild situation with at three males impersonating Matron in drag. Except for two characters people are constantly coming on and off so everyone will need to be at all rehearsals. This is a tight ensemble piece.

There are roles for 7 males, 5 females:
Dr. David Mortimore, 48
A successful neurologist at an important moment in his career. He is charming and a little pompous, flustered but quick to come up with ideas to cover he ever growing string of lies.. He is hoping to become the head of surgery and get knighted as a result of the speech he is about to present. He is onstage for almost the entire play and it is a very physical role. He is Rosemary’s husband, Jane’s former lover and Leslie’s father. He ends up in drag as Matron.

Dr. Mike Connolly, 27. An exuberant, boyish doctor who loves acting and dressing up. Makes an attractive woman in the right dress. He is eager to please but is often frenetic! A great thespian, he is very involved in the hospital’s annual pantomime.

Rosemary Mortimore, 40 David’s attractive wife. She is refined and very outgoing and pleasant. She falls for many of her husband’s lies with concern and compassion. She handles the chaos that erupts around her with typical English resolve.

Dr. Hubert Bonney, 46 A doctor and David’s best friend. He is very low key but very likeable. Much to his dismay he finds himself in the middle of David’s lies ultimately having to say he is Leslie’s father. While he may be slow to realize some things, he can be quick to react in song etc. to cover up something. He always gives in to David and is totally afraid of his mother. He ends up in drag as Matron. He has lots of physical comedy.

Matron. 40’s Used to giving the orders and having them taken. She is a no nonsense type of woman. She is robust, ample, strict, a rule follower. She can be quite intimidating but changes totally when she thinks Dr. Bonny has romantic intentions. She has lots of physical comedy.

Sir Willowy Drake, 55 He is a stern administrator who is a little out of touch with what really goes on in the hospital. Chair of the Board of St. Andrew’s Hospital, London. Very elegant –but ultimately succumbs to the gin in the end!

Jane Tate, 40 Very pretty, sexy and cuddly. A former nurse at the hospital who had an affair with David that resulted in her son Leslie. She is a middle class and very protective of her son. She is not a pushover.

Sister, 30 She is a very efficient nurse at the hospital. Only appears in Act 1.

Leslie Tate, 18 The tough, punk offspring of Jane and David who is now on an emotional rollercoaster finding out a doctor at the hospital is his father. He/She is very excitable but persistent. This is a very physical role but he/she is very sweet and loving when he/she thinks he/she has found his/her father and grandmother.

Police Sergeant, 35 He is a practical, down to earth cop who has arrested Leslie. He is revealed to be Mike’s uncle. He is the antagonist trying to get to the bottom of what is going on and haul Leslie off to jail.

Bill, 70 He is a patient at the hospital who gets thrown into the fray as a result of David’s lies. He is eccentric, fun loving and imagines him a swinger. He is confused into thinking the doctor’s lounge is his new hospital room and confuses everyone else. He is in a wheelchair, loves his liquor and women. He always becomes lucid when David is trying to cover something up.

Mother, 60’s Hubert’s mother. She is doting, amiable but strong willed where her son is concerned. She is feisty and becomes surprised that her son got a woman pregnant but is thrilled with her new grandson. She only appears in Act 2


 What to Expect during a typical audition
All auditions are conducted at the theater. An audition has some very simple steps.
1) You will be asked to fill out a form including:
– Your contact information
– Any rehearsal conflicts you may have
– Previous theatrical experience
2) You will be required to read a portion of the  script alone and/or with others
3) You will be required to show up for the  entire schedule audition time.  This allows  the possibility of teaming up different actors  together throughout the process.

If the production is a musical: In addition to the above criteria…
1) You will need to come prepared to sing a  song of your choice
2) You are required to bring the piano music  for accompaniment (no a cappella)
3) You may be asked to learn and perform a  few dance steps