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All auditions are held at Workshop Players Theatre-in-the-Round
44820 Middle Ridge Road, Amherst, OH 44001

 2013-2014 Season

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Directed by Teresa Lee (Jenkins) Fowler
Show dates are July 10,11,12,13 18,19,20 and 25,26,27.

Audition dates are Sunday April 27, Monday April 28, and Tuesday April 29 7:00pm
Margaret (Maggie the cat) – (late late 20’s/ early 30’s) sultry, feisty and desperate
Brick –(late late 20’s/ early 30’s) Maggie’s husband and his parents’ favorite– brooding, athletic
Big Daddy – (65) intimidating and vulgar larger than life, family patriarch
Big Mama – (late 50’s early 60’s) emotional, larger than life family matriarch
Goober (Brother Man)– (late 30’s early 40’s) conniving older brother of Brick
Mae (Sister Woman)– (late 30’s early 40’s) the ever pregnant and equally conniving wife of Goober
Goober and Mae’s litter of brats (6-12) boys and girls. Should make audience think twice about ever wanting children of their own
Reverend Tooker– (late 30’s -65) Unable to hide his drooling over possible future memorial gifts
Dr. Baugh – (l40–65) Dignified family doctor and reluctant bearer of bad news

Come with a prepared monologue of approximately 20 lines.
If reading for the first six roles, I ask that you perform a monologue from the play (in addition to or as your chosen monologue).

Children auditioning will be asked to
Tell me a story or a favorite joke.
Sing a children’s song.
Stick out their tongue and make a silly face at me.
Say in a southern accent the following lines:

“You’re nothin’ but a silly old _________ _____________________!
(insert animal of your choice here)
“You’re just jealous ‘cause you can’t have babies!”
Note: I am looking for angelic children who can play mean:-)

Blind casting on all roles.

For suggested monologues from the play, (and a list of monologues and scenes used in auditions) email the director at

Here is a website containing an electronic version of the play:

What to Expect during a typical audition
All auditions are conducted at the theater. An audition has some very simple steps.
1) You will be asked to fill out a form including:
- Your contact information
- Any rehearsal conflicts you may have
- Previous theatrical experience
2) You will be required to read a portion of the  script alone and/or with others
3) You will be required to show up for the  entire schedule audition time.  This allows  the possibility of teaming up different actors  together throughout the process.If the production is a musical: In addition to the above criteria…
1) You will need to come prepared to sing a  song of your choice
2) You are required to bring the piano music  for accompaniment (no a cappella)
3) You may be asked to learn and perform a  few dance steps