Cast Photos

Cast Photos

Company (September 2014)


Back:  Andrew Bertoni, Victoria Fritzman,Dawn Watson, Kayla MacDonald, Becky Linder, Deb Burrow, Matt Gould, Emmalea Linder, Dena Warmuth, Judie May, Jayne Kacik, Dan MArchand
Middle: Kevin Boland, Aaron Smith, Jonathan O’Toole, Alex Craig, Ted Williams
Front: Jennifer Bertoni, Ian Atwood, Kasey Rice, Shelbey Linder, Kristina Rivera

Cat on a Hot Tim Roof (July 2014)


Back:  Dawn Watson, Steven Benefit, Shelbey Linder, Kevin Boland, Dave Stacko, Donna Hughes, Melissa Roberts, Summer Benefit
Middle: Teresa Fowlere, Jayne Kacik, Kayla McDonand , Corey Knick, Dennis Runkle
Floor: Morgan Mahlin, Ihra Lane, Shaylee Frazier

Moonlight and Magnolias (April 2014)
No photo available

Almost, Maine (February 2014)


Back:  Greg Friedman, Aaron Smith, Jerred Adams, Kevin Boland, Patrick Augustine, Dave Stacko, Mike Frye, Melissa Roberts, Shelby Linder, Dawn Watson, Dan Marchand
Seated: Kristina Rivera, Julie Marchand, Natalie Romano, Kayla McDonand , Pam Matthews, Mark Swinernton
Floor: Chris Bizub

Fox on the Fairway (November 2013)
No photo available

On Golden Pond (June 2013)


Back:  Dena Warmuth, Joun Youel, Amber Johnson, Greg Friedman, Donna Hughes, Dave Stacko
Seated: Herb Hadders, Gerry Wiess, Jayne Kacik, Marcia Deist, Kevin Boland
Floor: Jason Molek

Shakespeare in Hollywood (April 2013)

Back:  Jonothan McCleery, Mike Frye
Standing: Dawn Watson, Jeff Dobbins, Jeff Caja, Claude Coller, Dave Stacko, Kristina Rivera, Ted George, Aaron Smith, Judie May, Bill May
Middle:  Jason Molek, Julie Marchand, Angela Griffith, Larry Gluvna, Hannah, Julia Molek, Pat Price, Dena Warmuth, Rachel Suhy
Front:  Anna Tumbas, Patrick Augustine

My Way (February 2013)


Back:  Dawn Watson, Corey Knick, Jacob Schindler, Wil Ujek, Casey Wobnowski, Bonnie Boyd, Dave MacKeigan
Front:Dena Warmuth, Beth Van Horn, Judy MacKeigan, Vicki Fritzman, Pat Price

Every Christmas Story Ever Told (and then some) (Nov 2012)
Standing: (L to R) Dawn Watson, Donna Berezney, Deb Burrow, Patrick Augustine, Chris Bereznay,
Roxie Robinson, Jordan Lawhorn
Kneeling: (L to R) Jule Marchand, Jason Molek, Greg Friedman
Seated: (L to R) Sydney Watson, Julia Molek, Meghan Stursa

Cabaret (Sept 2012)
Standing: (L to R) Cameron Howell, Lou Papas, Jazmine Danner, Andrew Bertoni, Kayla McDonald, Corey Knick, Jonathan O’Toole, Kelly Tomko, Claude Coller, Natalie Romano, Chris Bizub
Seated: Bernadette Hisey, Trisha Kushen, Judy MacKeigan
Front: Timothy Millis, Alex Craig, Adam Beckwith, Jacob Schindler

Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up (June 2012)
Standing: Melisa Krasienko, Rachel Suhy, JJ Aiello, Anna Tumbas, Nicole Tuttle, Kristina Rivera, Hannah Watson Mason Adams, Jacob Hebble, Donna Hughes, Jan Lynch, Jerred Adams, Jeanine Surace, George Stewart, Dave Stacko, Wade Hubbard
Seated: Bill May, Judie May, Anthony Trifiletti, ??, Saint, Greg Friedman, Matt Lewis, Larry Gluvna, John Youel

Send Me No Flowers (April 2012)
Standing: Bill May, Kristina Rivera, Tim Walsh, Judie MacKeigan, Jonathan McCleery, Julie Marchand, Reagan Krause, Pat Price
Seated: Kathy Whitmore, Judie May, Mike Frye, Julia Molek, Jeff Caja, Jason Molek, Dave Cotton, Carol Krause

The Cover of Life (February 2012)
Standing: Noreen Nevin, Bob Kenderes, Dave Cotton, Greg Friedman, Julie Marchand, Mason Adams
Seated: Anna Tumbas, Rachel Suhy, Jacob Schreibman, Kristina Rivera, Angela Griffith, Jenifer Warren, Deb Burrow

Murder by the Book (November 2011)
Standing: Greg Friedman, Bob Kenderes, Kelly Dillon, Donna Bereznay, Julie Marchand, Dave Cotton, Mason Adams
Seated: Jonathan McCleery, Kacee Zack, Pam Matthews, Brad Sales

Musical of Musicals, the Musical (September 2011)
Front: Alex Craig, ??, Matt Gould, Pat Price, ??, Judie May, Bill May, Bonnie Boyd
Back: Judy MacKeigan, Reagan Krause, Jayne Kasik, Brian Walsh, Andrew Bertoni, Dave MacKeigan, Alicia Bryant, Mason Adams, Jessica Atwood, Ian Atwood

Bloody Murder (June 2011)
Front: Dawn Watson, Shelby Linder, Kelly Dillon, Shelby Linder, Bob Kenderes
Second: Mason Adams, Dan Hatton, Kelly Dillon, Dan Hatton, Kelly Dillon, Dan Hatton, Mason Adams
Back: Patrick Augustine, Kristina Rivera, Julie Marchand, Paul Nelson, Donna Bereznay, Albert Bereznay,
Dave Cotton, Greg Friedman

The Curious Savage (April 2011)
Curious Savage
Front: Dave Cotton, Kelly Dillon, Pat Price, Carol Krause
Second: Tom Gaetano, Claire Hatton, Will Hubbard, Julie Marchand, Marybeth Morris, Jeff Caja, Nate Hubbard
Back: Debra Rose, Dawn Watson, Kristina Rivera, Greg Friedman, Dorothy Greenholtz, Kathy Whitmore, Donna Bereznay, Tim Walsh, Donna Hughes, Paul Nelson, Marilyn Hubbard

To Forgive, Divine (February 2011)
Front: Thelma Carrigan, Deb Burrow, Ivana DeVengencie
Second: Julie Marchand, Virginia Waratinsky, Dave Cotton, Aaron Mucciolo, Greg Friedman, Ian Marty & Dale Hruska.

Meshuggah-Nuns! (November 2010)
Front: Sandy Tucker, Regan Krause
Second: Lannie Richardson, Debra Rose, Carol Krause, Hilary Carrender
Third: Kelly Dillon, Julie Marchand, Dave Cotton, Dawn Watson, Paul Nelson, Donna Bereznay, Maureen Turner, Sidney Watson, Donna Hughes, Dave Cotton, Greg Friedman

The Uninvited (September 2010)
Front: Jordon Lawhorn, Bonnie Boyd, Alex Craig, Kyle Comfort, Bill May
Second: Diane Schreiber, Jeanine Surace, Deb Burrow, Cindy Bilby, Kelly Dillon, Joy Van Keuren
Back: Julie Marchand, Dave Cotton, Dave MacKeigan, Bob Kenderes, Paul Nelson, Jonathan McCleery,
Greg Friedman, Judy MacKeigan, “The Uninvited”

My Fathers Face was Crystal (June, 2010)

Front: Patricia Boone, Heather Boone ,Julie Marchand, Ashley Reese, Olivia Cotton
Second: Anthony Trifiletti, Dawn Watson, Mason Adams, Ron Young, Jane Pope, Jordon Lawhorn, Lowell Morton, Jerred Adams, Jerry Coghlan, Jake Watkin, Don Wozniak, Sharon Updegrove, Donna Hughes, Matt Gould, John Pope, Greg Friedman

Rainmaker (April, 2010)
Front: Patrick Augustine, Jake Watkin
Middle: Claude Coller, Jonathan O’Toole, Judy MacKeigan, Paul Nelson, Jonathan McCleery
Second: Jeff Caja, Julie Marchand, Greg Friedman, Susan Watson, Dave MacKeigan, Patricia Boone, Donna Hughes Pat Price

Fools (February, 2010)
Front: Bob Weis, Bob Kenderes, Dale Hruska, AnnMarie Steffes, Shaphan Seiders, Carol Krause, Regan Krause, Diane Ralph, Dave Cotton
Second: Julie Marchand, Matt Lewis, Sam Annable, Glenna Medwig, Ken Milota, Dave Stacko, Chuck Annable, Paul Nelson, Kelly Dillon, Greg Friedman, Dawn Watson

The Fantasticks (November, 2009)
Front: Kelly Dillon, Jordan Lawhorn
Second: Mason Adams, Lindsay Rosen, Hannah Watson, Noreen Nivin
Third: Tom Weston, Corey Knick, Natalie Rosmarin, Jeff Caja, Olivia Cotton, Debra Rose, Wade Hubbard
Back: Scott Wagner, Donna Hughes, Anthony Trifiletti

Reality Bites Back (Murder Mystery October, 2009)
Front: Dan Horning, Paul Nelson
Second: Kathy Whitmore, Patricia Boone, Dawn Watson, Pat Price
Third: Kristina Rivera,Virginia Waratinsky, Claude Coller, Greg Lavelle, Courtney Reising

And Then There Were None (September, 2009)
Front: Jake Watkins, Dave Cotton, Matt Lewis, Greg Friedman
Second: Dorothy Greenholtz, Noreen Nevin, Kelly Dillon, Paige Yepko, Patricia Boone
Third: Mason Adams, Skip Corris, Patrick Augustine, Bob Kenderes, Dave Stacko
Back: Allen Marcum, Jonathon McCleery, Don Wozniak, Julie Marchand, Marilyn Hubbard, Wade Hubbard

Scapino (July, 2009)
Front: Sean Cornwell, Adam Bayler, Kelly Dillon, Austin Shuman, Olivia Cotton, Douglas Puskas
Middle: Corey Knick, Mason Adams, Donita Reed, Jerred Adams, Jenifer Warren, Donna Hughes, Karen Reynolds, Dyani Sabin
Back: Christopher Hall, Eric Tucker, Dave Cotton, Tom Gaetano, Beth Overmyer

To Gillian on her 37th Birthday (April, 2009)
Front: Brandon Watson, Pat Price, Courney Reising, Heather Pelfrey, Karen Reynolds, Patty Boone
Back: Dave Cotton, Greg Friedman, Jonathan McCleery, Melissa Hubbard, Melissa Lyle, Chas Deremer

Dead And Deader (Murder Mystery March, 2009)
Front: Julie Marchand
Middle: Jeff Caja, Donita Reid Carman, Maria Vitale, Dawn Watson, Claude Coller
Back: Brandon Watson, Paul Nelson

Last Mass at Saint Casimir’s (February, 2009)
Front: Angela Griffith, Steve Griffith, Kathy Whitmore, Donna Hughes
Back: Greg Friedman, Dave Cotton, Matt Lewis, Jake Wachholz, Jack Warren, Jeff Caja, Wade Hubbard

Christmas Belles (November, 2008)
Front: Regan Krause, Deb Burrow
Second: Matt Lewis, Shane Clark, Carol Krause, Dave MacKeigan, Dorothy Greenholtz, Julie Marchand
Third: Dawn Watson, Brandon Watson, Karen Reynolds, Melissa Lyle, Greg Lavelle, Nicole LaMarre, Jake Wachholtz, Pat Price

Lying in State (September, 2008)
Front: Hannah Watson, Julie Marchand
Second: Dave Cotton, Dawn Watson, Jeff Caja, Marcia Darby, Greg Friedman
Back: Claude Coller, Virginia Waratinsky, Wade Hubbard, Maria Vitale, Steve Gable, Susan Watson, Patty Boone, Matt Lewis

G.I. Jukebox (July, 2008)
Front: Donna Hughes, Lisa Wasik, Kathy Whitmore, Terri De Shon, Jordan Lawhorn, Hannah Watson, Angela Griffith, Corey Knick, Olivia Cotton, Jake Watkin
Second: Greg Friedman, Melissa Lyle, Jonathan Warren, Susan Watson, Jenifer Warren, Jim Jason, Karen Reynolds, Dave Cotton
Back: Justin Howell , Molly O’Neill, Andy Milluzzi

Adrift in New York (April, 2008)
Front: Carol Hoff, Hannah Watson
Second: Dave Cotton, Pam Pickworth, Cohassett Ralph, Angela Gaetano, Greg Friedman, Donna Hughes, Don Flock
Third: Greg Friedman, Angela Griffith, Jane Pope, Diane Ralph, Kurt Cumming, Don Flock, Jim Jason, Bill Reising, Tom Gaetano, Marilyn Hubbard, Steve Griffith, Wade Hubbard, Ken Foisey, Susan Watson, Steve Griffith

Over the River and Through the Woods (February, 2008)
Front: Tricia Shumate Abraham, Angela DePalma, Dorothy Greenholtz, Joe O’Brien
Back: Dave Stacko, Claude Coller

Nunsense (November, 2007)
Front: Greg Friedman, Dave Cotton
Middle: Hannah Watson, Jenifer Warren, Sandy Tucker, Olivia Cotton, Donna Hughes
Back: Jane Kacik, Elisa Whiteman, Paige Reich, Susan Watson, , Carol Krause

Odd Couple (September, 2007)
Front: Wade Hubbard, Gerry Wiess, Julie Marchand, Chuck Annabel, Nicole LaMarr, Don Wozniak
Back: Dave Stacko, Steve Lombardo, Greg Friedman, Karen Reynolds, Jane Pope, Donna Hughes, Susan Watson, Hannah Watson

Over The Tavern (July, 2007)
Front: Corey Knick, Angie DePalma, Jonathan Warren, Kaylin Major
Back: Jeff Caja, Melissa Hubbard, Julie Marchand, Olivia Cotton, Donna Hughes, Jenifer Warren, Wade Hubbard, Dave Cotton, Lauren Klimczak

Children’s Letters To God (April, 2007)
Front: Jason Molek, Julia Molek, Alex Bolton
Second: Katrina Walker, Kaitlin Kohler
Third: Adam Riegler (on swing) Kelsi Peggs, Olivia Cotton, Jacob Hebble
Back: Jacob Bolton, Brianna Bryant, Lindsay Kaatz, Jonathan Warren, Tia Karaplis, Hannah Watson, Kristie Fabanich

Diary of Adam And Eve (April, 2007)
Awaiting Photo: Mike Majer, Jack Warren, Jayne Bartish Kacik,

I Love You, Your Perfect, Now Change (February, 2007)
Kneeling: Dennis Runkle, Dave Cotton
Standing: Keith Stevens, Dave MacKeigan, Melissa Lyle, Karen Reynolds, Judy MacKeigan, Tom Castro, Jayne Kacik

Nuncrackers (November, 2006)
Seated: Lauren Klimczak, Natalia Piazza, Jan Lynch, Douglas Puskas (Sister Mary Annette), Hannah Watson
Standing: Dave Stacko, Jim Jason, Debra Rose, Donna Hughes, Maureen Stipe, Susan Watson, Jenifer Warren, Dave Cotton, Sheila Fishburn, Carol Tillotson Gould

You Can’t Take it With You (September, 2006)
Front: Beth Overmyer, Pam Pickworth, Dave Cotton, Marcia Darby, Nicole LaMarr, Greg Friedman, Melissa Lyle, Jonathan Warren, Trish Shumate, Alex Arroyo
Second: Virginia Waratinsky, Greg Cooksey, Mike Leuszler, Donna Hughes, Jim Jason, Jeff Caja, Matt Lewis, Cassandra Myers, Kim Shumate , Sarah Boesger, Dave Stacko
Back: Rene Fonda, Jack Warren

Marvin’s Room (June, 2006)
Front: Jenifer Warren, Julie Marchand, William Legg, Kathy Whitmore, Dave Cotton
Back: Donna Hughes, Angela DePalma, Matt Lewis, Jayne Kacik, Jacob Wachholz, Melissa Hubbard, (Don Wozniak’s ear), Tim Friedman, Melissa Lyle, Jonathan Warren

Jerry Finnegan’s Sister (February, 2006)
Seated: Tricia Shumate Abraham, Brian McNally
Standing: Matt Gould, Wade Hubbard, Jerry Coghlan, Dave Cotton

Angel Street (April, 2006)
From Top: Dave Stacko, Dave Cotton, Dale Hruska, Brad Sales, Dolores Boda, Jane Pope, Donna Hughes, Melissa Lyle, Diane Ralph
(Don Wozniak is behind the curtain at the top of the stairs)

45 Seconds From Broadway (November, 2005)
Cast: Sam Rothacker, Jonathan Warren, Beth Overmyer, Kathy Whitmore, Dave Stacko
Back: Leonard Goff, Chuck Annable, Claude Coller, Debra Rose, Angela DePalma, Norina Columbaro, Dennis Runkle, Dorothy Greenholz, Jack Warren

G. I. Juke Box (2005)
Top Left: Canteen boss.emcee Valerie Farschman, Donna Hughes, Tricia Shumate Abraham, Janice Kessinger
Bottom: Jim Jason, Kristen Jones, Alex Arroyo, Jenifer Warren

The Foreigner (July, 2005)
Front: Judy MacKeigan, Jeremy Warren, Bryan Stevens
Second: Megan Millard, Anne Reinhart, Dorothy Greenholtz
Back: Dave MacKeigan, Brett Miller, Herb Hammer, Matt Lewis, Mike Leuszler, Jack Warren, Dave Cotton

Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris (2005)
Front: Kate Duffield (seated), Dave Duffield, Tom Weston, Jenifer Warren, Mark Kacik, Jayne Kacik, Jack Warren
Back: Donna Hughes, Wade Hubbard, Amy Annico

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (2005

Seated: Jennifer Silver, Jacob Wachholz, Julie Marchand
Standing: John Turner, Dale Hruska, Jim Jason, Dave Cotton, Mike Leuszler, Beth Overmyer

Quilters (2004)
Front: Lisa Marie Eckenrode, Katie Warren, Shari Lanave
Middle: Marilyn Hubbard in the center.
Back: Kristen Jones, Dorothy Greenholtz, Deb Wentz, Barbara Brown, Carol Tillotson Gould

The Silver Whistle (2004)
Top of the wall Elliot Hooper
Front: Steve Brown, Jim Heath, Jerry Coghlan, Angela DePalma, Maureen Stipe, Jimmie Looney, Jack Warren, Dolores Boda, Claude Coller, Mary Lu Franks, Jim Scarry

The Dining Room (2004)

Schoolhouse Rock Live! (2004)
Kneeling: Dave Cotton, Jayne Kacik, Lisa Marie Eckenrode, Tom Castro
Middle: Carol Hoff, Marilyn Hubbard, Greg Dziama, Denise Schmid, Lisa Hirzel, Bill Reising
Back: Diana Tyler, Stuart Landes, Aimee Dickinson, Bryan Bird

Arms And The Man (January, 2004)
Front: Charles Deremer, Marylee Gotch, Kat Sokolowska, Jack Warren, Maud Holm
2nd row: Dale Hruska, Jerry Coghlan,Virginia Waratinsky, Dave Cotton, Jess Malicki, Sharon Monos, Matt Gould, Jenifer Warren, Steve Malicki, Pam Coghlan, Mary Beth Morris, Marc Newton

The Complete Works of Wllm Shksp (Abridged) (2003)

Front: Stuart Landes, Matt Gould, Alison Grenig, John Turner
Back: Mike Leuszler, Jake Wachholz, Dennis Runkle

Bell , Book And Candle (September, 2003)
Front: Dorothy Greenholtz, Mike Leuszler, Dave Cotton, Rachael Endrizzi
Back: Jimmie Looney, Todd McGill, Dave Stacko, John Turner, Pam Pickworth Alison Grenig, Eleanor Spiegelberg

The Diary of Anne Frank (July, 2003)
Front: Matt Gould, Steve Brown, Mike Leuszler
2nd row: Claude Coller, Sarah Wozniak, Jesse Malicki, Jack Warren, Jenifer Warren, Frank Nylas
3rd row: Rachael Endrizzi, Margaret Hnat
4th row: Dave Cotton
Top row: Tim Allen, Todd McGill, Dave Erdei

Gunmetal Blues

Jake’s Women

84 Charing Cross

I Hate Hamlet (2002)

She Loves Me

All In The Timing
Mama’s Veil (October, 2002 –OCTA Photo)
Front: Dave Cotton, Matt Gould
2nd row: Katie Warren, Kathy Whitmore, Jenifer Warren, Jack Warren
3rd row: Frank Nylas, Teresa Lee Fowler, Pam Pickworth, Megan Wessel, Mike Leuszler


Last of The Red Hot Lovers

Once Upon A Mattress (November, 2001)
On floor: Ted Williams, Teresa Fowler, Mariana Majer
2nd row: Tom Weston, Jayne Kacik, Nick Maurer, Mikio Akagi
In window: Dave Erdei, Jerry Coghlan
On landing: Joanne MacKeigan, Megan Wessel, Miki Pritt, Angie Roberts, Mike Majer

Early One Evening At The Rainbow Bar And Grill
Lies And Legends
Arsenic And Old Lace
The Lights Are Warm And Colored

A…My Name Is Alice (2000)
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
A Coupla of White Chicks Sitting Around Talking
Plaza Suite
Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know
Grace And Glorie

Kindly Keep It Covered (1999)
The Children’s Hour
God of Isaac (March, 1999)
Front: Katherine Nemeth, Julie Powell, Leonid Offengenden, Jimmie Looney
Back: Dave Cotton, Lauren Buchs, Kathy Whitmore, Jerry Coghlan, Chris Dalton

Love Rides The Rails or Will The Mail Train Run Tonight? (1998)
Our Town
You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

The Runner Stumbles
Critic’s Choice
The Lion In Winter (January, 1998)
Front: Tom Cotton, Dave Cotton, Allie Jenkins, Angela Griffith
Middle: Chris Bednar, Leonid Offengenden, Dustin Jasinski, Sonoma Warren, Sara Walzer, Tara Bluhm Julie Powell
Back: Pam Pickworth, George MacDonald, Jim Darvas, Connie Osborn

All My Sons (1997)
The World Goes Round
Cheaper By The Dozen
Cotton Patch Gospel
The Boy Friend

Lost In Yonkers (1996)
The Whales of August
Come Back To The Five And Dime (February, 1996)
Front: Teresa Fowler, Gini Babin, Allie Jenkins, Kris Rybarczyk, Miki Pritt, Danielle Andes
Back row: Bill Reising, Jay Kapron, Dave Cotton, Kathy Whitmore, Charles Westover, Marilyn Hubbard, Barb Bentz

The Gin Game (1995)
Steel Magnolias
Greater Tuna
My Father’s Face Was Crystal
The Death And Life of Sneaky Fitch

Crimes of The Heart (1994)
Comedy of Errors (April, 1994)
Front: Dave Cotton, Priscilla Tomlinson, Melanie Eastin, Beth Brosky
2nd row: Michelle Pfrogner, Amy Baniecki, Jenifer Frost, TIffany Howell.
3rd row: Megan Peabody, Jim Heath, Larry Nehring
4th row: Don Wozniak, Greg Fluker, Dave Stacko, Carrie Kirkpatrick, Heather Crozier, Carol Hoff, Bill Reising, Stephen Moore
5th row: Marilyn Hubbard, Melissa Paynter, Loraine Ritchey
6th row: Ernie Punsalan, Kris Makinen, Kathy Whitmore, Wade Hubbard, Charles Deremer, Matt Schuster, Dave Erdei.

Rehearsal For Desire
How The Other Half Loves
Beau Jest

I Remember Mama (1993)
Shirley Valentine
The Nerd
The Fantasticks
Seven Keys To Baldpate

Lemonade (1992)
The Late Christopher Bean
The Cemetery Club
I Do! I Do! (October, 1992)
Front: Susan Schauer, Caron Kelley, Mary Gentile, Bonnie Sopko
Middle: Dave Cotton, Barb Bentz, Diane Berry
Back: Bev Sperry, Pat Sanders, Valerie Gerstenberger

In Search of A Musical

Rashomon (1991)
Anybody Out There?
A Walk In The Woods

The Rainmaker (1990)
From Five To Five-Thirty
The Trip To Bountiful
Breath of Spring

Morning’s At Seven (1989)
The Gazebo
Hearts And Faces
Forty Carats

The Foreigner (1988)
Enter Laughing
Cotton Patch Gospel
Of Thee I Sing

To Gillian On Her 37Th Birthday (1987)
The Curious Savage
Teahouse of The August Moon
Sisters Mcintosh

On Borrowed Time (1986)
Miss Liberty
The Loud Red Patrick
The Bishop’s Candlesticks

Stop The World, I Want To Get Off (1985)
Kind Lady
Plaza Suite
The Orphans

The Red Shoes (1984)
Mass Appeal
January Thaw

Blithe Spirit (1983)
Family Album

Irene (1982)

On Golden Pond
You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown
We Must Kill Tony

Where Did You Get That Hat?

Night Watch (February, 1981)
Front: Pati Allen, June Kobza-Slavik, Ron Philabaum, Rockie Dillon, Lynna Metrisin
Back: Jim Reichart, Kevyn Gauman, Wade Hubbard, Joel Cotton

A Tree To Trim (1981)
Ladies of The Jury

Bus Stop
She Stoops To Conquer