BLYTHE SPIRIT – Audition Information




 Monday and Tuesday,
September 18 and 19
beginning at 7:00
4F, 2M
Production dates:
Nov 3, 4, 5,10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19

This Noel Coward classic made its debut in the 40s, and Director Dave
MacKeigan’s rendition will grace Workshop Players’ stage for the third
time This charming play tickles audiences each and every time it is
presented. Charles Condomine struggles to reconcile his life after a seance brings back his sexy, deceased wife Elvira.Needless to say, current down-to-earth wife Ruth is less than pleased with the turn of events. Things spiral out of control and the hapless Charles is caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. Will the haunting stretch into perpetuity?

The two wives, Ruth and Elvia 40’s and up, need to be as different as possible. Where Elvira is capricious, Ruth is practical. Where Ruth is sensible, Elvira is intoxicating.

Charles, 40s and up, is caught in the middle and naturally confused!

Madame Arcati, any age who conjures up Elvira during the seance must be

Edith, 20s or 30s, the young maid is innocent and naive, always appearing at inopportune moments.

Mrs. Bradman, 40s and up, a neighbor
attends the seance with great hope.

Mr. Bradman, 40s and up, a neighbor
attends the seance with skepticism.